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Safety is the foundation of our business and at the core of every decision we make. Our safety experts undertake strict compliance tests, so you can feel confident your play equipment is safe.

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Playgrounds are some of the happiest places on earth. However, it is essential to ensure the safety of children at all times and that is what the Australian Safety Standards for Playgrounds aim to achieve. At RhinoPlay, we not only to ensure that we meet these standards, but also that we anticipate and manage risks all the way from design through to installation of a playground. 

Everything we build for you undergoes strict quality control procedures and compliance checks, so you can be confident it’s both durable and safe. We can also provide annual compliance inspections, so you can feel confident your play space continues to be safe. 

On our staff we have fully qualified playground inspectors and our founder is a sitting member on the Australian Playgrounds Committee. We pride ourselves on being experts in certification and compliance. From when a concept is first developed to manufacturing, quality assurance and when the final installation document is finalised, safety is at the core of all of our processes.


Our play spaces are fully certified, meeting the highest possible safety standards including: 

AS 3533.2–2009 Amusement rides and devices

Part 2: Operation and maintenance

AS 3533.4.2–2013 Amusement rides and devices 

Part 4.2: Specific requirements – Contained play facilities

NZS 5828:2015 (EN1176–2008) Playground equipment and surfacing

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