After Sales Care Is Our Top Priority

Rhinoplay is committed to providing industry leading after sales care, including repairs, maintenance and fast turn around on spare parts so your never out of business.

Repairs And Maintenance

Rhinoplay provides yearly annual inspections of existing structures as required by the Australian standards. Contact our friendly service team to purchase spare parts or book your annual operational inspection to ensure your playground remains compliant.


Our team of dedicated sales managers provide our customers with the most up to date and professional information available. Our customers are then able to make informed choices when making important play equipment investment decisions. We work with development managers, landscape architects, town planners, design professionals, engineers, customers and manage the entire process from initial enquiry right through to delivery.

Product Design

Our qualified and dedicated team of professional industrial designers create custom, eye catching products and playgrounds using a combination of innovative ideas, new technologies and the latest solid modeling CAD systems. We present to a professional standard often collaborating with architects and town planners to reach a unified and successful outcome.

Delivery And Installation

Rhinoplay employs a dedicated team of project managers, installation managers, installers and other professionals to ensure our products are delivered on time and on budget. Every individual project is formally handed over to clients to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Playground Refurbishment

Did you know Rhinoplay can refurbish your old playground? Here at Rhinoplay not only do we specialize in new playgrounds, we can also refurbish your old play systems where practical. Give us a call and we will be happy to provide a tailored solution.


Rhinoplay equipment is built to last for many years using quality materials and production techniques. Our strict quality control systems ensure our products provide reliable performance, durability and safety.

Panels can easily be replaced and reattached saving valuable time and money. Should you require spare parts you can make a request here.


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