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DIY design to take advantage of wholesale prices

Looking to create a unique slide design for your next architectural or landscaping project? While our specialist playground design team is always on standby to offer their expertise, we also manufacture premium playground slides designed by architects or other external partners. That means you simply pay for the parts you need – which means you get wholesale prices!

We locally manufacture and deliver Australia wide within weeks. Get in touch to request technical specifications or place an order.

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Every size, shape and colour

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Because we manufacture each commercial playground slide from scratch, there’s flexibility to pick whatever best suits your project. Choose from our standard colour range or design a bespoke custom palette. You can even work with translucent slide parts to add extra visibility and fun.

Enhance project sustainability with recycled plastics


We’re proud to be able to support more sustainable architectural playground and landscape projects with our range of recycled plastics. The recycling process creates an attractive marbled effect in a range of colours – all of them green!

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Proudly Australian-made

RhinoPlay is Australian owned and operated, with local playground slide manufacturers. So when you buy a RhinoPlay slide, you can be sure it will be manufactured and delivered at speed – and to the highest quality standards.

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