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Designing and building playgrounds is serious business. On one hand we need to tap into our ‘inner-child’ to design ever more creative ways of play. But on the other, we hold ourselves to the highest quality and safety standards possible. 

RhinoPlay is backed by PlayCo, a collective of leading Australian playground manufacturers. We have a world-class team of designers, manufacturing experts, installers and compliance experts who work together to create the magic of play. While it takes a diverse set of skills and expertise to make our awesome playgrounds a reality, we all have a passion for creating amazing spaces for children, families and communities to play. 

We love nothing more than seeing the enjoyment that children get from exploring a playspace. We are constantly pushing ourselves to create ever more playful and fun experiences in all types of different venues. 

Want to play?

We’re always looking for enthusiastic new team members to help build the future of play. To find out about current job openings and opportunities, visit our careers page at