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For many pubs, clubs and RSLs, the ability to attract and retain customers during non-peak hours of the day is a challenge. Having a playground attracts families earlier in the evening when clubs are traditionally quiet. It also keeps families in your venue for longer. If you can capitalise on the extra crowds, then it doesn’t take long for a playground to pay for itself.  We can also custom design a playground to suit both budget, customers and venue.

First and foremost, you need to ensure you choose a supplier that can ensure your playground will be safe, high quality and low maintenance. As with most things, cheap playgrounds often end up costing more in the long run. 

As for the playground design itself, there are endless things to consider too many to list! Besides the size, shape and theme, you also need to consider what range of play elements will best entertain different ages. Our design team will work with you to understand your venue and constraints and get a clear brief, then custom design a playground that suits both your space and budget. Learn more about our custom playground design process here.

Once we have the design nailed and you place an order, we can manufacture your playground in as little as four to six weeks. The installation process only takes a few days to complete, with minimal disruption to your business. 

Learn more about our playground installation process here

We can design playgrounds for spaces as little as 2×3 metres. Equally, we can build them big enough to cover a paddock! As a general rule, the more height you have the easier it is to entertain older kids with large sweeping slides and climbers up high, while the little ones have space down at the lower levels. It also means you can minimise the all important footprint while providing just as much play for the kids. 

Contact us and we can talk you through some options for your space.

We’ve been known to spend many hours playing on our own equipment, so no kid is too old or too big for our playgrounds! As for the little ones, we’ve developed a large range of toddler play panels and activities that intentionally sit at ground level and allow them to push, pull, spin and touch everything in reach. So while older siblings are climbing and sliding up high, younger children are safely entertained.

See some of our existing projects here.

Absolutely. In fact, we’ve even designed playgrounds that have slides going from inside to outside! However, there are some materials, such as soft play elements, that we don’t recommend for outdoor use. We only use materials that are resistant to fading, rot, splinting and delamination outdoors, even when subject to the harsh Australian weather. Our design experts will work with you to get the right mix for your venue.

We custom design every playground to best suit your venue, so no two quotes are the same. For a pub or club, you’re looking at anything from A$30,000 to $150,000 depending on the size, number of elements, customisations and add-ons. Honestly it’s a length of string (or slide!), but we can work to any budget.

Our play spaces are fully certified, meeting the highest possible safety standards. We can also provide annual compliance inspections, so you can feel confident your play space continues to be safe. 

Learn more about safety and compliance here.

Our commercial playgrounds are designed to be as low-maintenance as possible. We use extremely durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain. 

Given the quality of our play equipment, repairs are a rarity. However, if there is wear and tear, we’re always available for speedy inspections and repairs. Simply give us a call to explain what needs fixing and we’ll provide a quote. 

Learn more about maintenance and repairs here.

You’ve come to the right place! The first step is to speak to our team about your venue and requirements. We’re organise an on-site visit to get a sense of your space and brief. Then it’s over to our design team to work their magic. 

Learn more about our design process here.

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