An Exhilarating Ride Powered By Gravity

Skyrider Playground

Rhinoplays Skyrider Indoor playgrounds are addictive, combining a roller coaster and zip line into one exhilarating indoor adventure suitable for all ages. Skyrider has easy to fit harnesses so you will feel like you are flying. Rhinoplay will design and build Skyrider to fit your location whether it is indoor or an outdoor playground and are a great addition to any existing playground.

Powered By Gravity

Indoor structures are supported from the roof structure and for an outdoor Skyride, these are supported by mast structures. The ride has an average speed of 24 km up to 48 km. The Skyrider does not require any powered elements as the gravity moves the rider. Rhinoplay Skyrider is easy to operate and maintain and includes a range of safety harnesses, steel track and trolley.


“Skyrider is powered by gravity, it’s easy to operate and maintain and provides an exhilarating ride suitable for all ages.”

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