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Traditional playgrounds are a great option for schools, parks and other areas where space is not an issue. Kids love being able to run around and use the different play components that also assist their physical, social and cognitive development. Parents and caregivers appreciate being able to easily keep an eye on children as they play.

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Traditional outdoor play structures are fantastic at aiding the development of children through play. Children learn to develop their gross motor skills, social skills and cognitive advancement as well as their overall fitness through fun and active play. Rhinoplay designs its playgrounds and products to provide a broad balance in these critical areas in order to positively contribute to childhood development.

“When it comes to quality, reliability and safety, Rhinoplay outdoor play structures are second to none. Designed and made in Australia to comply with all relevant Australian Standards, our products will provide years of reliable service.”



Rhinoplay products are designed to meet or exceed all relevant Australian & New Zealand Standards for playground equipment. Details of specific standards are found in the relevant product brochures.



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