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Cable Playgrounds

Cable Play structures are a uniquely flexible play system designed with active kids in mind. Rhinoplay cable playgrounds are fun and exciting for children but also promote physical activity and challenge children in a unique and safe way.

Cable structures are eye-catching features and perfect for large outdoor areas. Rhinoplay’s team of designers can customise Cable Play to suit any space and the needs of your business.

Challenge Children In Every Way

Cable Play is a well balanced form of play which challenges children both physically and mentally. In order to master the various elements of Cable Play children are required to use a variety of gross motor skills. While children have fun on the Cable Play structure they are also being challenged to use their strength, agility, hand-eye coordination and balance.

Made To Last In The Tough Australian Environment

Specifically designed to offer consistent properties in a variety of environments ranging from a scorching Australian summer in the tropics to a subzero winter in the Victorian Alps. Made from synthetic nylon yarn braided around galvanised steel wire, these products combine rugged mechanical toughness inside with a smooth and safe texture outside.

“Rhinoplay products are designed to meet or exceed all relevant Australian & New Zealand Standards for playground equipment. Details of specific standards are found in the relevant product brochures.”



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